Moments of silence,

Seasons of rain,

Thoughts of forgiveness,

Stories of pain.

Hands held in prayer,

Washed away sins,

Skies held by ropes,

Words clipping wings.

Isolation or solitude,

Perception is key,

Truth is entangled,

Myths guaranteed.

The powerless pay,

Political mudswinging,

Silver spoon vs.

Difficult upbringing.

Pause for a second,

Clap for a day,

How high will you jump?

How long will you stay?

No final goodbyes,

Just loss and regret,

Tributes to remind us,

Lest we forget.

In calm and in chaos,

We long for embrace,

The touch of a hand,

A kiss on your face.

Tomorrow is waiting,

The work will begin,

To rebuild what is broken,

To thicken our skin.

But today is a moment,

A season of will,

Thoughts now encaptured,

Stories held still.