This discussion series has been developed to initiate dialogue in the lead up to what will be a conference on the BAME Leadership Pipeline. This is a local call to action that stems from the release of statistics that reveal the appalling low levels of representation at all level of leadership and decision making in the city in Sheffield.

For a city that has a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) population of over 23%, it is disturbing to see less than 4% represented in leadership and decision making, and with less than 1% Black representation. The issue goes beyond representation at just leadership levels and raises serious questions about what we need to do as a city to respond to the barriers BAME people face along the leadership pipeline.

Due to Covid19, all large group gatherings like the conference, have had to be postponed. Therefore, the series of discussions we will be having on zoom; will each be followed by a blog post summary. These will focus on highlighting key issues, having difficult conversations and working towards a shared vision for the city. These are action and solution- focussed discussions that will form the basis of a report that will be made publicly available in Autumn.

These blog posts will be summaries and reflections on zoom discussions that have taken place, some of which will be recorded and also shared on the page.

If you engage in any of the discussions and would like to share your reflections as a guest blog, please just let me know by emailing: